9 thoughts on “Other Blogs I Follow

  1. themartialartsuniversity

    Hi, Denise – I love to cook too, though like your boyfriend, I’m afraid I am an unabashed carnivore; like you say, you really have to get creative in the kitchen when you’re a vegetarian. I’m a former chef and my wife’s a real foodie like you; I think people are really getting fed up with the processed crap and realising real food – good ingredients, responsibly sourced and cooked sympathetically – can be a real feel-good factor in their lives as well as making them healthier. Good luck with all you’re promoting!

    • fueled by vegetables

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I must admit I used to be a fast-food and soda junkie up until last year :(. But one day I woke up and realized that even though I cut out meat, I couldn’t keep eating the way I did without suffering the unhealthy risks later in life. Ever since I changed my diet to eat a little bit healthier (I still allow myself treats every now and then) I feel amazing and have less migraines (I was diagnosed with them when I was 5) and I sleep so much better!

  2. delectablyinsatiable

    Hi Denise, thanks for stopping by. I too am the only one in my family who is a vegetarian and live with a carnivore who loves his meat. Somehow, we make it work. He eats vegetarian/vegan approximately 80% of the time (mainly because I do the cooking and because I keep things interesting. I look forward to exploring your blog.

    • Denise

      Oh my goodness! Sending nothing but love and support your way. Do you mind if I hyperlink your blog to my “other blogs I follow” page – I would like my followers to see it and help you through this! And I will definitely talk to my friend about the hashtags 🙂

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