7 thoughts on “My January Yoga Playlist

  1. erin

    Love My Head is a Jungle! Isn’t Spotify the best?! I have found some awesome new songs for my yoga playlists by using their new (or maybe it’s not so new? New to me, anyway, as I just discovered it last week) BROWSE feature. You can search by mood, which is awesome… I love the Digster Indie Chill playlist… I’ve found a lot of cool songs on that one! Thanks for sharing yours!

    • Denise

      That’s awesome! Thanks for the info, I will definitely utilize that feature the next time I create a playlist!

      What’s your user name? Let’s follow each other 🙂

  2. erin

    I thiiiink its erinfrazee, my name, all one word. Yeah! I will keep an eye out for you! I have a bunch of playlists-forever-in-progress for yoga… I’m always adding to them!

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