7 thoughts on “Nursing Your Sweet Tooth [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. avenues of artistry

    i “liked” this but i dont really like it. its so disturbing! one of the things I try to do for myself and tell others about is to notice when and where sugar is sneaking it’s way into your food. salad dressing? sauces? all kinds of random things. read ingredients! for me this has really helped me watch my sugar intake. 🙂

    • fueled by vegetables

      Thanks for your comment! I totally agree with you. I believe a lot of people don’t realize how many things have TONS of sugar in it. By cutting down on salad dressing, sauces – I even think some people mistake all “juices” from being made directly from the source when a lot of them are just sugar water. You are correct, you MUST READ LABELS to see what you are actually ingesting. Thanks again for your comment – it is EXTREMELY valuable.

      • avenues of artistry

        omg! yes! juices…. delicious but a big wallop of sugar as well! i hate to demonize it, but it’s hard not too sometimes. like you said- it’s just the power of knowing and making those decisions. thanks so much for your thoughtful reply!

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