3 thoughts on “Where Aspartame Hides…

  1. allsmiles74

    Are there other names that aspartame goes by? I think I just identified that it causes me to get migraines. Just starting research : )

    • fueled by vegetables

      Yes, I found out that aspartame was a direct trigger to my migraines … it’s nasty stuff. I also noticed that cutting caffeine from my diet has kept my migraines less frequent.

      As for your question look out for these brands: NutraSweet, Equal,
      Spoonful, Canderel,

      And these words in the ingredient list on your food: E951, Phenylalanine. non-saccharide sweetener

      Also, if you ever see the term “Natural Flavors” – I advise to stay away from that… I hope this helps 🙂

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