Challenge: Couch Potato-to-5k


I started this blog to post yummy vegetarian recipes and also to keep online recipe book. However, if you look at the title, you’ll notice the word fueled. Earlier this year, I made a resolution to be healthier. This meant:

  1. No soda
  2. Cook more at home to be healthier
  3. Start an exercise routine

The first two goals were a breeze to put in place. As for lucky number three? Well, that took almost 5 months to put in place.

As some of you may know, I recently started the Couch Potato-to-5k Running Plan in hopes to participate in the 2012 Empower One Breast Cancer Race. A few women in my family have faced breast cancer and kicked its ass… hard. I figured that if my mom and grandma can go through intense treatment and come out strong then the least that I can do for them is kick this race’s ass and help fundraise for future research.

Currently, I’m on the third week and I’ve been feeling stronger each and every day. Have any of you tired a 5k challenge? If so, which ones and where are you at today with your running? 

4 thoughts on “Challenge: Couch Potato-to-5k

  1. earthdrifter

    I haven’t done an organized 5K but I like to run on my own. It’s great to get addicted to running, make it a habit, and do it consistently. Running and other cardio activities are supposed to help and even beat jet lag. This activity also helps us to sleep better and most importantly, it forces us to focus on healthy eating.

    • fueled by vegetables

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I used to have so much trouble sleeping that I was contemplating asking my doctor to prescribe something to help. Ever since I started running my body naturally gets tired and I rarely have issues with getting enough sleep anymore :).

  2. RoxieGinger

    We did the couch to 5k plan for the Susan G. Komen run last year and it worked wonders. We’ve able to run a few more 5ks since then and even inch it up to 4 and 5 mile races! Forming a habit is the hardest part, but such a rewarding one!

    • fueled by vegetables

      Wow! You are quite an inspiration! I’m hoping to do the Susan G. Komen one as well, I believe it’s in October for us in AZ. I’m hoping to be able to run the P.F. Chang’s Half-Marathon in January… hopefully I’ll be able to do more than the 5K by then!!!

      Thanks for your comment and happy running!

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