2 thoughts on “Are You a Food Snob?

  1. shoesmaketheman

    I’m proud to say that I’m a food snob… and a clothes snob…. and a shoe snob… Thinking about it now, it’s inevitable that my own blog will one day descend into a debauched mishmash of new shoe designs and sauces…. Oh my….
    Okay I’m back now.
    I’m enjoying the recipes and particularly like the way that each and every one can be served as an accompaniment to a side of cow for us carnivore followers.

    • fueled by vegetables

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, even though I am a vegetarian I would NEVER force that lifestyle on anyone. To me, food is an experience and people should cook and eat whatever they’d like – I just happen to not like meat:). Plus, I like being a well-rounded chef so I can host dinner parties for all of my friends and family. I love your blog and look forward to future posts 🙂

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